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Brindavan College’s E Resources for in depth subject knowledge
The digital age has changed the course of things to a great extent. Getting access to information and subject knowledge that long had been possible via traditional sources like newspapers and libraries has gradually shifted to e- papers and e resources. This aside of making it easier to access information has also aided in saving both time and money. The E Resources of Brindavan College of engineering have been added on our official website to make it easy for the students to gain the knowledge of important fields and their related subjects. The various courses covered in our E Resources include Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Information Science Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Master of Business Administration. This helps students to get all the desired information even when they couldnt spare time to visit the library. The E Resources are not to just the subjects but also include Dictionaries, Encyclopedias as well as important acronyms and abbreviations that students have to look for separately online. But with E Resources, they get the access to all these and much more without having to surf different websites. The E Resources have proved to be a success and we plan to keep including more information on different subjects and topics so that students dont miss on anything that is important.
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