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An overview: Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering
In this age of technology there is a great demand of professionals related to this field. Therefore there is a great demand of people who holds a diploma in Computer Science and Engineering.

At Brindavan College of Engineering, there is a special course dealing in this particular field of engineering. During the course the students get introduced to the basics of computers, microprocessor, and software like C, C++, Java, VB, LINUX, Database Management Systems, Web Technology, Multimedia and the latest .NET software. The course makes sure thatthey also get to gain some knowledge about PC Hardware, maintenance and networking.

After completing this diploma in Computer Science, a student can be sure of getting ample of career prospects in the IT industry. They can also apply for further studies. Apart from this there are countless glorious opportunities available in the field of Web and Multimedia designing. Moreover a lot of MNCs look for diploma students for well-paying BPO and Call Centre jobs.


- Completion of Class X or its equivalent examination with at least 35% in each of the subjects.English, Science and Mathematics are a must.

- Non-Karnataka students should get hold of Eligibility Certificate issued by the Department of Technical Education, Govt. of Karnataka.

- Karnataka students who have passed class X in ICSE or CBSE should obtain Eligibility Certificate issued by the Department of Technical Education, Government of Karnataka.

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