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Mechanical Engineering an Overview
Mechanical engineering is known as “mother-branch” of engineering. The application of it is extremely broad and diverse. Majority in the modern era of engineering are direct contributions of one or the other application of Mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers mainly deal with concepts such as thermodynamics, robotics, kinematics, fluid mechanics, mechanics, structural analysis and many more. They also take part in the development of various engines, power plant equipment, heating and cooling systems and other simple and complex machinery.

Today the scope of mechanical engineering is expanding. It is concentrating more on new areas of research such as nanotechnology, development of composite materials, bio medical applications and many more.

Roles and responsibilities of a mechanical engineer are different and depend on their area of specialization and the industry they are working. However job profile of mechanical engineers can be classified into the following functional segments:

R&D – Research and development engineers are responsible for day to day research activity of concentrated branch. They are responsible for suggesting any future modification if required.
Production- They supervises the manufacturing of major mechanical components and machines. They are also responsible for any production time fault in either machine or manufactured product.
Design- They mainly does the technical drawing manually or with the help of computer. Doing any new modification in design according to requirement is the major responsibility of Design Engineers.
Testing- Analyzing and testing different types of machines and their constituent’s parts to ensure that they function flawlessly is the major responsibility of testing and analyzing them.
Installation- They mainly installs the machines and constituents parts.
Maintenance- Maintenance engineers major role is to ensure machinery are working as per specifications.
So if you have interest in mechanical equipment and are seeking a promising career in your interested field then B.TECH in Mechanical Engineering from a reputed college should be next step for you. Brindavan College of Engineering is renowned college with highly experienced faculties. It is one of the best mechanical engineering colleges in Bangalore. So don’t think much and choose Brindavan College of Engineering to fulfill your dream and give a boost to your career.

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