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Career, scope & growth prospects : Engineering
If you have a flare towards technology, then making a career in the field of engineering can be an interesting option for you. Currently, engineering is the number one career choice in the country and a lot of students get enrolled in engineering courses every year. Experts from Brindavan College of Engineering, the best engineering college in Bangalore, explain that the chief reason behind the popularity of engineering is the fact that it provides an extensive range of job prospects for the students. Read on to know various fields of engineering that might hold your interest:
Civil Engineering:
The experts of this specific field deal with numerous sorts of designing and development ,construction ventures in both public and private sectors. Civil Engineers are responsible for handling and organizing the construction projects. The constructions of buildings, bridges, roads, drainage system, etc. are done with the help of expert civil engineers. The course of civil engineering usually covers basic subjects like maths, physics and project management.
Electrical Engineering:
Electrical engineering is a field that trains a person to become eligible for designing electronic appliances and devices. Thus, this field is appropriate for the people who have a strong interest in electronic devices. The course introduces the students with advanced learning about electronics. This field of engineering also helps the students to move towards a fulfilling career.
Computer and IT Engineering:
Computer Engineering is possibly the most famous branch of engineering and this is also the branch that produces the maximum number of engineers every year. Computer Engineers are liable for developing various software programs, software applications, websites, etc. They can be called the masters of the computer world as they possess a lot of knowledge about various aspects of it. The phenomenal growth and expansion of IT culture has opened door to success for people belonging to this particular field of engineering.

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