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Now, as I am on the verge of completing my PhD, I have a better idea where I am heading in Life. However, eight and half years back, to be exact, I was notably the most confident but somehow a confused student out of the lot. The final year exam of our B.Sc Physics Honours was about to held in few months, and apart from enjoying our time with friends, we were too busy preparing for the exams. I was quite confident of doing well in the exam, but the road map ahead was not at all obvious. Clearing the Joint Entrance Screening Test, 2009, was the smallest step towards the giant leap of my career. Facing the interview panel at Satyendra Nath Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences (SNBNCBS), convincing them that I belong to the league and grabbing a position among the top ten selected candidates was just the beginning of a bumpy ride ahead.
The hug from one of my beloved teacher, Saikat Sir, after getting selected at SNBNCBS, was one of the most proud moments of my life. From there on, the confident guy, getting selected for the most prestigious Integrated PhD in one of the premiere research institutes, steps into quite an unknown territory.
The Initial few days were all about knowing each other, knowing our teachers, knowing the surroundings and trying to enjoy every bit of newlines injected into our life and there were no classes for the first week or so.
Then came the big day, the classes began. It was the last class before lunch on the first day. Prof. Amitava Lahiri had just finished his class of Quantum Mechanics and was about to leave and all of a sudden he came back again to the blackboard and said, "Ohh, I forgot to suggest you books to read". We, the students of the class, ten boys and no girl to be exact, again opened our copies to note down the suggested books. And its to our utter dismay, "Library is in the first floor. Read all the books." is what he wrote on the blackboard with bold and bigger fonts, with an evil smile on his face.
That was for the first time, we realised that the ride would be one of the kick ass one.

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