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We computed in stress, we computed in exam halls and now we are computing in clouds If some techie boastingly jabbers away about cloud computing loudly donrsquot panic. We went to the moon to see if we could make a home. Now we go to the clouds to keep our luggage and take things from it as and when we require. That is the basic ideology of cloud computing. The term quotcloudquot is used as a metaphor for the Internet, based on the cloud drawing used in the past to represent the telephone network and later to depict the Internet in computer network diagrams. We are sure there is enough space there and there will be no trampling in the process of travel. In the 1990s only few people went on the E pilgrimage, they processed their data by installing application software. The rights to use this application software came to them only by buying the license from the software vendor. The Microsoft Company grew and Bill Gates became billionaire and the rest is history. With the advent of the 21st century these E pilgrims were excited about the development of local area networks LAN. Then more networking capabilities and client-server model of computing was born. Server computers with enhanced capabilities and large storage devices came into picture. This story is also slowly coming to an end as the E pilgrims are now given access to the cloud for computing. Cloud computing is doing away with physical servers, storage, and networking and instead offering these as on-demand and elastic resources. The client processes the data with the help of the application software which is executed and managed by a client39s web browser. No installed client version of an application is required. The key characteristic of cloud computing is that the computing is quotin the cloudquot that is, the processing and the related data is not in a specified, known or static places. This is in contrast to the model in which the processing takes place in one or more specific servers that are known. The six complex sentences above convey that in c-computing one can upload all their life stories, company balance sheets, work files, pictures, videos, bookmarks, games anything and everything to the remote server and then open it and use it from anywhere. It does away with the necessity to set a reminder to carry the accursed micro sized pen drives that we so meticulously lose. If I have a computer or web-friendly device such as a laptop or any shiny plastic box with a web browser or other approved access route to access a cloud system via the World Wide Web WWW then I may access the same pool of computing power, applications, and files in a cloud-computing environment. Private companies may also make use of their own customized cloud email servers for their employees. The two most significant components of cloud computing architecture are known as the front end and the back end. The front end is the part seen by the client, i.e., the computer user. This includes the clientrsquos network or computer and the applications used to access the cloud via a user interface such as a web browser. The back end of the cloud computing architecture is the cloud itself, comprising various computers, servers and data storage devices. When we login to find our illustrious works the memory allocated to the client system39s web browser is used to make the application data appear on the client system display, and final results including files created or altered are permanently stored on the cloud servers. Performance of the cloud application is dependent upon the network access, speed and reliability as well as the processing speed of the client device. If the website suddenly becomes more popular, the cloud can automatically direct more individual computers to work to serve pages for the site, and more money is paid for the extra usage.Imagine our colleges using cloud computing. We39ll never crash when nervous students access the life mattering exam results site in capacities of ten times over If it unfortunately becomes unpopular, like when they put up exam timetable however, the amount of money due will be less. Cloud computing is popular for its pay-as-you-go pricing model. The first exposure of the term Cloud Computing to public media was made by Google Ex CEO Eric Schmidt at SES San Jose 2006. It was reported in 2011 that Amazon has thousands of corporate customers, from large ones like Pfizer and Netflix to start-ups. Why cloud computing Advantages No need to download and install applications on your computer. Save money be lazy Cloud can work on multiple platforms - Linux, Macintosh and Windows. Even with an antique OS it works It requires only simple devices such as a simple computer, net books with internet and WWW access ,designed with cloud computing in mind .Do not have to get tortured in another round of 39Technical Trainings39 A service provider may pool the processing power of multiple remote computers to achieve routine task such as backing up of large amount of data, word processing and computationally intensive work which may be normally difficult for an individual user or small company to accomplish. Outsource the donkey work Outcome of processing task is returned over network, depending on the speed of the internet connection. Everything stays where you put them. No messing kids It enables convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services. Cooked food is shoved down our throats. Just have to swallow Maintenance of cloud computing applications is easier, because they do not need to be installed on each user39s computer. They are easier to support and to improve, as the changes reach the clients instantly. Cannot use excuse of my computer not working sir Why should our feet be planted on the ground Disadvantages 1 In this Kalyug era where morals are alien concepts, using a service of cloud computing to store data may expose the user to potential violation of privacy. Possession of a user39s personal information is entrusted to a provider that can reside in a country other than the user39s. In the case of a malicious behavior of the cloud provider, it could access the data in order to perform market research and user profiling. 2 Delegating their data-managing and processing to an external service, users are severely limited when these services are not operating. Any sensitized silly news breaks out the whole world fanatically blogs in and all these affect a large number of users at once because these services are often shared on a large network. As the service provided is supported by a high-speed Internet connection both in download and upload, even in the event of an interruption of the line connection due to the user39s Internet Service Provider ISP he will face a complete paralysis of the work. 3 Shifting operators when we are angry with them is an issue. There is no defined standard between the operators and such a change is extremely complex. The relative security of cloud computing services is a contentious issue that may be delaying its adoption. Organizations like the Cloud Security Alliance have been formed to provide standards for the use of best practices for providing security assurance within cloud computing. In addition to concerns about security, businesses are also worried about acceptable levels of availability and performance of applications hosted in the cloud. A purchased movie needs to be downloaded only once if stored on a user39s computer. But, if the same movie is stored in cloud storage, it would, in essence, have to be downloaded every time it is viewed in its entirety. If the user39s internet service has a monthly data usage cap, this cap could easily be exceeded if large, frequently accessed files are stored remotely. This would cause the user to incur potentially large average charges. Although cloud computing is often assumed to be a form of quotgreen computingquot, there is as of yet no published study to substantiate this assumption. Sky, for many may be the limit but for these E-fanatics itrsquos just a start up runway Way to soar high......

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