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Cancer Care Trust
Yuvraj Singh - one of the most loved cricketers had treated cancer in no different way than he treats the balls thrown at him by the bowlers. In 2011, Yuvraj was diagnosed with acanceroustumorin his left lung which is a rare type of killer cancer and underwentchemotherapytreatment in Boston and Indianapolis. In March 2012, he was discharged from the hospital after completing the final cycle of chemotherapy and returned to India in April. Yuvraj has successfully battled with cancer. In the book lsquoThe Test of My Lifersquo, he has shared his experience dealing with cancer. These two celebrities have been responsible for many people seeing hope beyond the diagnosis of cancer. Their own struggle with cancer can inspire and spread hope among the people fighting the battle against cancer. lsquoCancer Care Trustrsquo believes that there is plenty that can be done to cope with the severe aspects of cancer. Your donation can bring development and long term sustainability for cancer patient. For more info visit

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