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Taking care of the terminally ill cancer patient
Cancer itself is very painful and those who are suffering from cancer need more love and care to fight with this disease. Cancer smash the willingness to live this painful life but your true efforts can make the life of cancer patients a bit more cheerful and the true affection can sometimes prove to be truly magical. If you know someone who is suffering from cancer, try to help them in following ways Make some future plans with them. You can plan for some short vacation or shopping or can plan for a movie. Your genuine desire to spend time with them in the future will make them feel good and positive towards life. Try to talk to them and let them share their feelings. When they share their feelings with you they feel very light. Do not avoid any uncomfortable topic if they want to talk over it. They look for someone who can understand for what they are going through. Treat them in the same way as you used to do earlier. Donrsquot let them realize that this disease has changed your behavior and affection for them. Go with them for their routine medical check-up and talk to their doctor about the improvement in their health. You can also support them by taking care of their household responsibilities. Offer your help to do their specific tasks and make regular visit to them. Cancer Care Trus t is continuously working for the cancer patients to bring the light of hope in their life.

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