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Chartered Accountant
I am chartered Accountant working in Noida. We have team of chartered accountants , have corporate office in Mumbai , head office in Kolkata and branch office in Delhi .We are working as PAN India. We are providing the following services- 1. BUSINESS FINANCE and CORPORATE FINANCE. 2. Looking after AUDITS, ACCOUNTS , TAX PLANNING AND such other related issues for all assesses individuals, company, trusts 3. Those who are working in IMPORT/EXPORT , we can also provide them BUYERS CREDIT at low rate of interest. 4. we have collaborations with different banks to provide FUNDS at low rate of interest . 5. Preparing PROJECT REPORT and arrange FINANCE for them . 6. MERGER AND ACQUISITION of Companies. 7. All other work related to FINANCE as given in our BROCHURE Work Profile. 8. BOOK KEEPING OF FINANCIAL DATA. 9. All Financial Assistance for example companies compliance, tax issues, tds filing, retrn filing. If any client have work regarding any one the services related to Chartered Accountant . Please contact me on 91 8527763199. and they can mail me on

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