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The Pride of Jungle Wildlife enthusiasts would not like to miss Ranthambhore if they happen to be in North India .Curiosity to see the Pride of Jungle made us rush to Ranthambhor Wild life century which is certainly called one of the favorite destination to spot this endangered animal in his natural habitat. After reaching here we first encountered with the herd of agents who were touting in order to sell passes which is required to visit century. All seats full, one of them shouted peeping to the ticket window in despair. ldquoTrucks are available if you want to gordquo, He said. No, we will only go in Gypsyrdquo, said my friend with conviction. Luckily, we managed to get two seats in a Gypsy where we accompanied some foreign nationals and a Gujarati NRI. ldquoToday we will only search for Tigersrdquo, said the Guide who was guiding the Safari . Nobody spoke for sometime as it was their 15th round to the century in the quest for the Tiger. The frustration was apparent on their faces. I asked with surprise ldquoIs this your 15th turn ldquoHmmmrdquo, He nodded in affirmation. Today you will definitely see the Tiger as two more Tigers have joined, my friend played a prank. This statement made the group laugh .We had allocated zone no 2 randomly out of various zones of the century. The Jungle looked light pale in color as the grass has changed its quintessential green color to befriend the chilly winter. Hey ldquoWhat was that Somebody shouted from behind . A Neel Gai was spotted in the bush. Later, a herd of Deer was seen grazing and occasionally staring us for long. We started going deeper into the dense and widespread Jungle. The Ups and downs, rocky surface of the passage meandered through out the Jungle. Could you see any Tiger asked the Guide to one of group returning to the booking office . ldquoOne group has seen it in the morning but no luck afterwardsrdquo, He replied. Driver suddenly pulled the break. ldquoWhat Happenedrdquo We asked in excitement. ldquoFootmarks of Tigerrdquo, He replied. ldquoNo these look man made .Dont trust you Boss.rdquo, we said as it might be made by the villagers. ldquoDonrsquot worry we will search Tiger today surelyrdquo, Guide said in a feeble voice. Gypsy kept penetrating and sound of vehicle punctuated the serenity of the Jungle. On the way we crossed various small Ponds where we saw Herons and some migrating birds busy searching for their food. ldquoA call, wait Guys maintain some silence please.rdquo Guide said after he heard a Deerrsquos sound. He asked the Driver to park the Gypsy on the corner near to the Pond. Tiger was often spotted here fulfilling his thrist. Letrsquos gordquo, Guide said after waiting there for a minute . Later, a wild Pig was seen digging the ground at some distance. Dusk was about to fall and folks started talking about returning to the main gate as 5.00 pm was the closing time for the century. We were busy talking when suddenly the friend of mine sitting on the corner seat jumped from his seat in excitement. What is this Tiger..Tiger he said twice making everbody alert and nervous. I guess, it was a kind of stimulation which soldiers from Indian army get after seeing target enemy. Our weapons were Cameras and mobile phones which immediately got into action as soon as we spotted the Tiger. ldquoPeeche Lo Peeche Lordquo Take Back screamed the guide. The moment was hair rising and thrilling as we all had seen the target from a hardly 5 meter distance. Click Click Clickhellipshutterbugs started taking pictures from behind with their imported cameras. ldquoItrsquos a femalerdquo guide whispered as we started chasing her and she disappeared in the bushes. Now, she started playing hide and seek after acknowledging human interference in his territory. Next we could see a very calm and composed gesture as she moved slowly toward her Den and sat in front of the opening of her Den staring at us relentlessly. ldquoChanged the trackrdquo guide ordered to the Driver. ldquoThis is not a place where vehicles are allowedrdquo said the frightened Driver with a trembling voice. Take Back ,Take Back your head watch your head we will shoot her from another angle said the guide instructing us to take care of the low hanging tree branches. Pressure kept mounting as we took the main road to see another glimpse of the Tigress. ldquo41 ke chakkar mein 6 dikh gairdquo We were expecting No 41 but we are seeing No 6rdquo,Guide said. Now, what happened next was most unexpected , incredible and nerve-racking for us. She started moving towards the Pond and that meant a closest view of hers. The sunrays of the dusk made her skin glow like a newlywed bride. She crossed our Gypsy on the way to Pond showing her solid anatomy which was proving her strongest candidature to rule the Jungle. She went to a tree, stretched her body and rub her nails on the stem with a force.ldquoO God What is she doing nowrdquo she is on a Huntrdquo, said the foreigner. The food was a Pig and Deer in the proximity who looked cautious and knew her presence in the area. Can we see her hunting today was the next big question. She picked up the momentum and prowled the area but the Deer made a sound and alerted everyone. She had failed in her first battle. I thanked the Guide and everyone in the group as what we had seen was even amazing and rare stuff even for the guides. They admitted in unison that it was one of the most exciting view of the Gunglersquos Pride they had seen in many years. I was happy and thanked Ranthambhor for gifting us the rarest of rare scenes of Tiger as memorabilia.

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