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There is something always brimming in our heads. imagination splurges out of our minds and we shamelessly reach a world beyond boundaries. It has led to the fantasy of harry potter, but blackened by the Voldemort gaining upon on us.

We need to explore the bounty of the minds of others and connect with them on a level which is deep and compassionate. That would stand beyond our authority, peaking through the walls and crushing the controls.
We need to Talk.
It leads to exchange of expression more than words.
A child today who has the audacity to tell his parents, he got bullied in school, shies away in his own 4 walls because they do not connect anymore. Families don’t go beyond formalities and teachers can’t go par books.
the solution?
We Need to TALK.
Talk about the weather, the favorite pen, the floods and the universe.
We need to express ourselves through words face to face that fill up the heart and soul of the other one, to bond and stay true.
In this contemporary era, due to magnificence of our intellect, communication has treaded on many paths. The technology has gained upon us and made us paralyzed to our screens. We no longer cherish the twinkle in eyes or throbbing of heartbeats when one wishes to speak to us with their own piece of world.
The attempt of my presentation would be to describe certain techniques that help to build connection of humans with humans through expressing , opening up ,despite disparities to motivate trust, compassion and belief.
To get the world talking again.

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