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This project deals with the storing of database of a person called babloo who has to navigate to a new place in a completely new city and avail a best economic service suitable to his requirement. So first he has to book a train ticket to reach the city. Then search for a good hotel room and then he has to inquire how to reach the destination. Reaching destination involves checking for the place map, route map, shortest route that is traffic free and the best available means of transport to reach there and the timings. After finishing his work he may want to eat in restaurant or go to a movie. For this he need to find the best restaurant serving the required cuisine and a theatre which hosts the movie of his choice in apt times. So to achieve all this, first he has to purchase train tickets in the railway reservation site. Then to book a hotel room in a metro city, he need to attend a trip advisor (famous site to book hotel rooms), read the reviews and finally he’ll book the room. Then he has to search a map for his destination. Then inquire about the bus routes to his destination using the same search engine. Based on the availability of buses he has to plan his timings and route.and all other things as well.
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