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Communication Skills, Sales, Project Management
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I am pursuing my post Graduation in MBA with specialization in Operations and Marketing from LM Thapar School of Management, Thapar University. I have also done my B.Tech from Thapar Universtiy Patiala in Industrial Engg branch. I am hard working and a fast learner besides working hard i also believe in working smart. I have been an merit shcolarship holder throughout my career in both B.Tech as well as in MBA and talking about the internship, i was lucky enough that i did my internhsips both B.E and MBA in few of worlds best firms and the knowledge gained through the experience could never be achieved through any classroom teaching. These internship enabled my to develop my analytical as well as my problem solving abilities to a great extent for which i was appreciated by my mentor as well. Finally, I am looking for a company that could offer great growth prospects with an exciting and challenging career and i want to have long term associations with such firms.

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