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What is a Scientific approach It is believed that Scientific approach can solve the menace of andhashraddhablindbelief What should be called a scientific approach then Is it the approach of a scientist Is it the approach of a phd in chemisty, biology, physics, maths , English, sankrit, philosophy Is it the approach of a Dr of medicine, Dr of psychology Or in short is it an approach of an educated person Cant an uneducated person be scientific in his approach. I feel like asking this Questions because I usually see the people fighting andhashraddhablindbelief asks a question or quotes that even educated people believe in and go for this blindbelief rituals and take help of all those blind belief Drs. Usually we think of some chemicals, or some physical laws , or some genetic structures of biology. To be very simple and in one line I feel the scientific approach can be defined as ldquoAn approach by which when you come across any theory not known to you till day then you approach it as, it may be or may not be true. An approach by which one will say I can neither accept it to be true until it is proved to be true nor I can accept it to be false unless it is proved to be false. Yes but I can consider it for discussion or research untill it is proved either of the way but till then I wont accept either and keep it under question markrdquo Or in one word scientific approach is logical approach or flow chart approach I can accept anyonersquos challenge for this definition of scientific approach. I believe this is an all inclusive definition of scientific approach and existing definitions and criterion of scientific approach will not be able to prove it wrong or even incompetent and noninclusive. If there is no question mark on this definition. Then, do anyone needs to be educated for having this approach. Infact many highly educated people which I mentioned earlier are found to be unscientific in there approach according to above definition. And I will tell you how. This people so called ones who are fighting against blindbeliefs. Certainly they might be differentiating themselves from the blind believers of rituals and fighting against them but are themselves getting trapped on the blindbelief of science. Because they are saying rituals are not correct but they are not able to prove those wrong. Neither keeps them in question mark until coming to any scientific conclusion nor are able to give a solution. So are the so called religion and ritualistic people who are fighting against scientific approach. A real spirituality student cant fight against scientific approach because it is this approach only which can take you to spiritual truth. But the problem is we approach emotionally than scientifically. We take decisions depending on the knowledge we are conditioned to and emotionally attached to. We decide upon what we feel than what actually might be. And what we feel depends upon the territory of knowledge that we are attached to. The very word blind in the term blindbelief proves my definition to be correct. One can become blind believer of science as he can become blind believer of rituals. The basic problem with us is we try to bank on what we know thatrsquos it. We decide something to be blindbelief or belief according to the knowledge that we have. And we donrsquot try to explore or even consider that there can be unknown territories which we are not exposed to or donrsquot have even a little knowledge about. Here the so called scientifically educated as well as so called ritualistic and religion people gets trapped. Formally Educated person thinks that religion everything related to it is bullshit so are the ritualistically educated whose everything revolve around fundamentalism, thinks that all the formally educated people are operating under maya the illusion. One simple thing to ask here, if you have never educated yourself formally, how can you question mark it. Similarly if you donrsquot know anything about rituals how can you question mark it. The best way is to find a right peoples of those territories discuss the topic under consideration and then come to any conclusion instead of questioning it simply just because they donrsquot belong to your territory. For example does ghost/ god exists For this question what will be the scientific approach logical or flowchart approach. Can we prove that it exists No. then we cant say they exist. Most of the so called scientific minded people will appreciate this and most of the so called ritualistic people will condemn it totally. Now the second part. Can we prove that they donrsquot exist No. then I cant say that they donrsquot exists. The so called scientific minded will have problem with this second part and the so called religious people will like it. But a real spiritual or real scientific person will agree with both. And then he will put himself in the effort of proving one of the two, or atleast he will keep it under question mark and will remain neutral towards both the point of views listening to both theories and he is the one who will reach on to the truth or a discovery The real knowledgeable person the gyani a seeker of truth automatically chooses a scientific approach and gets himself on spiritual path. He uses his knowledge to relate to the unknown territories, to what is not known and because of which he is able to pick what is right of other territories instead of simply opposing those. And hence comes up with breakthrough solution. Chetan Joshi

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