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THIS MIGHT SEEM TOO MUCH Understanding and solutions from root Delhi gang rape Ladki kam kapda pehnti hai she should be allowed fine Logonki feelings trigger hoti hai why that is not fine I accept that it should not trigger to the extent of raping or aasaulting someone. Sex attraction toh natural hai itrsquos a highest pleasure known to mankind even bhagvadgita has a mention Logically why a nude person should not be allowed to walk on our roads freedom should be birth right everyone should be allowed what he wants to do. But do we allow nude person on roads No why not Because, simple thing, we wont be able to see him. Opposite sex will get tempted and why this temptation because we have habituated to live in a civilized way by wearing clothes.if we were habituated, everyone, to live without clothes temptation would not have been their. To prove this see other animals who live nude do they do sex 247 Why other animals, consider man only in his ancient days he use to live nude but was he engaging himself or thinking about sex all the time Ladki ne expose karne wale kapde nahi pehnechahiye sab kehte hai ladkonko koi kuch kyon nahi kehta Knyo ki expose toh ladkiyan hi karti hai ladke nahi paye jate expose karte hue khudki body ko I totally agree girls should not be guided about what they should wear and what not. But also consider the feelings of those people who donrsquot have habit to see girls in revealing dresses. If anyone is seeing girls wearing such revealing dresses first time or is in such environment for the first time than he should be excused if he gets tempted. Indian girls when they wear western and short dresses they emit more sexuality and seduction as compared to when same dresses will be weared by western girls or US girls. This happens basically because when Indian girls wear those sort dresses they have a lot of attention towards there dresses and also they have lot of attention to how others are looking at them so their body language becomes of particular type face expression becomes of particular type so wearing the dresses is not an issue but wearing that consciousness is a problem. Because that drives the male attention to sexuality . Their expressions that making of top proper . pulling the t shirt down from backside when sitting on bikes. Pulling down the short skirt, undressing the hair in public and making it proper in front of people by putting hands up purposely , all these drives the male attention to sexuality and inturn sexual unsatisfaction. Otherwise people are interested in just watching their beauty. Western girls when they wear whatever kind of dress they are not attentive towards their dresses. They are very cool wearing those where as Indians become cautious. This is because westerners are bought up watching their mom and aunts wearing short dresses which not the case with Indians. Why more assault cases must be happening in India Sexuality is increasing from all sides with movies, item songs, advertisementsaxe affect, porns etc but there are no means to satisfy this urge If you are taking something from somebody you should take it whole. We have taken up western dresses but dint took their free sex culture. Their rational thinking. Their way of acceptability of everyone Means to increase the urge we have taken or those who have taken should also take the means to satisfy those. Especially a culture half accepted is very dangerous because one culture by itself has its merits and demerits. Only 1 part taken cannot go long because that other part which we may not be interested in actually make it complete. Basically after this delhi gang rape case we have heard many views and counter views people have criticized girls not wear this and not wear that. Then on that a counter view has come that why you are coming on to girls only why you are telling girls only to wear what and what not. But if we think itrsquos the girls only who are wearing revealing dresses, this is not seen in case of boys. Girls only are seen not maintaining the limits interms of clothes are concerned. So they only will come under criticism no Lets understand girls psychology for wearing revealing dresses first of all this is a high society dress. or let us consider X societies dress to wear revealing dresses. Basically girl wear any dress is to increase her beauty so that she will catch peoples attention and feel herself special. So the dresses are weared to catch the attention. Revealing dresses are weared to emit a little sexuality or seduction purpose so that the male will get little bit in seduced mood or in lighter words romantic moods basically the revealing dresses when girls wear they want to see that light sexual urge in opposite persons eyes which the girls want to enjoy. In the x societies the male also has the habit to take it in a lighter way. But middle class or poor or the Y class of people lets say donrsquot have the habit to take it in lighter way. It doesnrsquot remain to the level of romance and seduction in this y class of people because they are not grown up seeing girls around them wearing such dresses. Neither the girls are grown up wearing such dresses. And lets say the X class of people gets triggered they go somewhere and do bang bang and still the life goes smoothly for them from next day. But thatrsquos not the case with class Y people. Now there is competition in middle class of revealing more and more to catch the more attention then others but they are not ready for bang bang. Or even if they do there will be lot of problems that will emerge for them after that. One simple line I will say to both class X as well as class Y girls. You are wearing different dresses to seduce the males and to enjoy watching the sex urge in males eyes in a lighter controlled way, donrsquot blame if someonersquos sexuality is triggered. because there is different triggering point of sexuality for different people. Pay sex could be legalized Because, anyway it is happening and happening in a dirty way girls are stolen in childhood and then they are smuggled and then they are forced to do this business without their will if this is the case why not legalise it so that system of illegal network will be brocken and why only those who want to do the business will do it with their own will. Few girls can do it part time as already as heard by me many girls do part time sexwork. It does sounds ridiculous but it is happening why not accept it. In ancient india also there was prostitution and they were called devis or devdasis or goddess I donrsquot know whetherrthis is accepted vedic practice but I have heard of this that poor people use to leave their daughter near a temple as goddess it sounds ridiculous unemotional I am not telling to practice it in this way. This all need to be done not to increase sexual culture but to decrease the sexual introvertness or sexuality of Indians. Urge hai sabko hai and there are many means through which this urge has come up through easy access to porn movies, item songs and huge coverage and celebrity status to people like poonam pandey rakhi sawant. Not only boys lot of urge is their in girls too. Set method to practice Now if pay sex is legalized there should be a set method to practice it only limited licensing should be allowed and they should not be direct easy excess to it he should have to go through spiritual or psychological counsellling 1-5 times he should be given knowledge about what is sex is it really a solution to problem their happiness in many other things. there is peace in many other things. Common let us accept sex is act of love and it should be done like an act of love peacefully and not like fucking a machine. people feel there is fun in intercource. Yes that is their but only when done with love and concent of each other. Otherwise its just a matter of male pride. Physical touch has more pleasure cuddling is a healer.i also heard it is spiritual as well offcource not when done with sexworker. But still initially can be used as a problem solver. If this is known and understood by anyone will never go on to do rape or assault. The counseling should be done in such a way that the person will have sex with the sex worker the way he will have it with his wife or girlfriend and not like machine. And sexworker should be in her profession with her own choice. Sex energy diverted from sex can be highly productive and creative. People having lot of sex energy also has lot of energy for doing creative work. Infact osho says in his book sambhog se Samadhi that all the driving energy in this material world is the enrgy of sex it only needs to be channelized . Incase of sexworkers govt should nd their living or they should be given some other job they should not have to do heavy sex work for earning their livelywood. Licencing should be given to limited sexworkers which should be gradually decreased to Completely zero gradually. I know all this things may not be practical but atleast it will do brainstorming of all those who are arguing and counter arguing on all issues starting from dresses of girls, death punishment, or the new law which gives a women freedom to kill a suspected person. We need to go to the root causehelliphelliphellip Chetan Joshi

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