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Competitions every where..
I was born in a very educated environment. Great Grandfather was a Ph.D. in Sanskrit language. Grand father was a Professor in Physical ChemistryM.Sc.. Father is a B.E. Civil from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. Me.... I am just an average student. Never scored more than around 74. That too only in B.C.A. Always fought to score better and better, worked harder and harder but never got the result. I really never understood what39s the criteria or rule of Board or University to give its students good marks. I have seen my own classmates, who were not-so-good in Computer related practicals, secured better marks than me. quotMarksquot is the only thing left to show Criteria of more than 60, 75 in various companies. Yes, I did not score more than 60 in my class 12. I still believe I can perform equally or better than those who scored much high. Another bitter thing, those students who are very fond of buttering faculties, are so likely to get full marks in internals. But I personally believe that they won39t be able to with stand in the long race in their lives. To be very honest, I am a decent person. I always give respect to all. Yes, all means those who are younger or elder than me, who39s not reputed in society. I am helpful, in spite of reason that I may not get the same back in return. Without any greed. I believe in hard work. But I never believe in short cuts. Buttering will never be in my dictionary. Depends on perspectives. Some bosses may like buttering, others do not. If I would be the boss, I will never get biased, irrespective of his/her religion, country, race, community, state, sexual orientation. That39s me. Journey is still going on to prove myself

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