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Indian's logic for education system.
Indians39 logic Respectable people are 1. IITians 2. Doctors who also did their Post Graduation. 3. I.A.S./R.A.S. 4. C.A./C.S. 5. Pursuing M.S. from U.S.A. 6. Who are in Army/Navy/Air force. 7. Those who never scored below 90. Others like Modeling, Air Hostess, Journalism, Sports related, Lectureship, Veterinary Doctor, Writer/Author/Novelist/Poet, Artist, Acting, Who Chose Bachelor of Arts B.A. as stream, etc. are no doubt dis-respected. I would rather criticize the Private Institutions and Universities who made whole education system as business. There are more seats in private colleges for engineering than total number of students attempting for it. To take admission in any good 39Private39 institution, your parents need to be rich as the government college has the caste-based reservation quota. No value of hard work and talent..Disgusting

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