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Research Journal Publication in IJIRSET
This review illustrates the production of multiwall carbon nanotubes by stir casting, squeeze casting, rheo casting and powder metallurgy MOCVD techniques. Stir casting technique employs the usage of commercial pure aluminium alloy. Squeeze and rheo casting techniques employ the addition of MWCNTs into A356 hypoeutectic aluminium-silicon alloy matrix with 0.5, 1, 1.5& 2 weight percentage as common for both. These grain dispersions are examined by scanning electron microscope (SEM). This process has facilitated a uniform dispersion of nanotubes within A356 aluminium alloy matrix as well as a refinement of grain size and the hardness property was found to be increased by 80% in stir casting. MOCVD technique employs plasma sintering of aluminium powder with MWCNTs of 0.1-1 wt. %. These are functionalised using H2SO4/HNO3 and at 0.1% wt. of the MWCNTs the maximal increase in the hardness is observed.

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