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CAT doesn't go well?? Here is the Solution!!!
We all know Cat has been conducted on 26th Nov'17 is the most awaited exam by all MBA aspirants. Do you know 1.5 lakh MBA aspirants take CAT every year? This Year is its already been predicted that 9500 students or more going to score 0 or less .

This is a huge number. If you are not among them, kudos to you. But are you sure you are going to get good percentile to have “College of your dreams”.
If you are going to its great, congratulations!! But if you'r not,
What’s next?
Are you going to drop and work hard for another year?
Take another leap??..this all goes in the mind of an average MBA aspirants
To all this questions and doubts in head here is your answer
SNAP(Symbiosis National Aptitude Test), yes you heard me right
SNAP is your answer instead of taking or even thinking about another drop year SNAP is your way to success and next best solution. Now you may ask questions like Why SNAP?
Because SNAP is a national level exam which is Conducted by Symbiosis University every year and it has average about 50,000 test takers.Much less than CAT, probability guys chances are higher of your selection.
Because lets talk of money SNAP affiliated College gives an average package of 15.02Lpa. which is quite a big sum than even few of new IIMs.

Hope this article has helped you. If you want more info kindly put down in comments
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