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Top 10 Engineering Colleges
Engineering Entrance Exams Aakash IIT JEE is meant for preparing students for engineering entrance examinations, those who dream to pursue a career in Engineering from the best engineering colleges of India. Most of the entrance tests for IITs, IIITs, NITs, CFTIs and other Engineering Colleges in India are held in the months of April / May / June for the academic year starting July / August. Generally, the syllabus of the entrance test is based on the class XI and XII. The syllabus of the engineering entrance test is based on the course outline of the class XI and XII. The knowledge is tested in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Certain exams also test the knowledge on English Proficiency, Logical Reasoning and in exception to VITEEE which include PART-IV Biology in its Test criteria. All questions are objective type. There are also negative marks in some sections. In case of JEE Advanced, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are given equal importance with 20 questions in each subject of 60 marks along with negative marks in some sections. Maximum marks are 180. Whereas in JEE Main, 30 questions in each subject of 90 marks having Objective and Assertion-Reason type questions with equal weightage of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. There is 1/4th negative marking for incorrect response. Total marks are 360. In case of VITEEE, 40 questions in each part with equal weightage of PART-I Physics, PART-II Chemistry, PART-III Mathematics, PART-IV Biology and each question carry one mark whereas in case of BITSAT, there are 4 parts as Part-I Physics-40, Part-II Chemistry-40, Part-III a English Proficiency-15 and b Logical Reasoning-10, Part-IV Mathematics-45 questions. Total 150 questions, each question carry 3 marks. Rank Name of The College Address Phone No College Website 1 Indian Institute of TechnologyIIT Hauz Khas, Delhi 011-26591770/26591791 http// 2 Indian Institute of TechnologyIIT Nankari, Kanpur 0512-2597578/ 2597678/2597385/2597178 http// 3 Indian Institute of TechnologyIIT Kharagpur 03222-255303/913222282232/913222283827 http// 4 Indian Institute of TechnologyIIT 44/A, G S TRoad, Guindy, Chennai 044-22578131/914422578030/22578060 http// 5 Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee 01332-285714/ 285270/285209/285907 http// 6 Birla Institute of Technology and SciencesBITS, Pilani Vidya Vihar 0159-6242013/6242211 http// 7 Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University IT, BHU Varanasi 0542-6702024 http// 8 Vellore Institute of TechnologyVIT Katpadi, Vellore 0416-2243100/ 2243091 http// 9 Delhi Technological University Bawana Road, Near Sector-7, Shahbad Daulatpur, Delhi-110042, delhi 011-27871018/ 27871042/27871023 http// 10 Indian Institute of TechnologyIIT Amingaon,North Guwahati 0361-2582006/2583000/09864033979 http// List of Engineering Colleges in the World gtgt

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