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It is nothing more than an amusement when you find people settling for fewer things. Especially, when it is always a fight for even the fairest share, unowned for long. More than being sustainable, it becomes, how much of it is satiable. Questioning of an honest need over desire for sheen is rarely spotted, outside and in the inside of anyone's head now. That is clearly not sorted when it is obviously not highlighted. Here is the place where mindfulness comes in, knocking the scales of quantitative luxury. Known bliss of happenings is the non-condensed version of victory obtained after the hardships.
Achieving the motives of ‘Greatest Good’ will be tough but yet, without realizing the core of it, the struggle won't be worth scarifying for. The time that demands your uprisal, you build yourself for it. The world that disappoints, at some point, has been the fuel to your fire and there is no turning back. Having the highest stake up, you exceed the expectations that you had from yourself while you just see the unfolding of your dream. Well then, all that the life is created of feelings, hysteria and flown in successes. But are you missing the details ? Palpable means of life that provide the wholesomeness and could make all the difference. The point here, is not just making the way through this practical world but is to ease in it gracefully and let the gasps of hard or soft strokes be absorbed. These dents would contribute to the fine carving of the end.
The way our grandparents are perfectly capable of living off, on minimum physical possessions is strange to us but the reason they are able to do this, that is surely splendid. Only because their spirit lies in living more and wanting less, sharing more and making space, comforting more and worrying less and lastly appreciating and being fond of, more and keeping shallow hearts at less. It is just like my theory of the sky, that covers me and it also covers the world
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