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Perfect moments set loose

The Wait. The Place. The Background & all you then need for a gazillion likes to flow in, is a camera. No more a conjecture formulated for applause. Vision with articulation falls behind the trail when it's monitored by a power driven virtual interface. Rich & sober could be the new trend for showing off which nobody can fully achieve. The totalitarian feminism racing against the patriarchy gathers more attention than a genuine plea against commonly provided sordid justice.
So to say, while you ‘Soul-search’ people's opinions prod the mind. Standing immortal to that won't count. This maleficent adversity, was it supposed to exist ?Might be the real pop-up ! Competing with the First World Countries, India never played too hard to get which made it unworthy, unmentionable (subjectively). Soft from all corners could be the case here. The naive conception of our country to establish relations has found itself turn into a follower, over the time. India & Indians can be a misadventure if left independent, said British. After these years of independence of finely woven democracy, it thrashs the mediocre British assumption. Potential was existential. The extraordinary and intellectual personalities of India have proved that to the world, time and again. One might think where was the wrong path chosen off-guards.
Between making the picture amazing & jazzing it up ! To attract, won't change the future, it's just editing the reality. I believe in young explorers diving into this abysmal enigma will find us exuberant solutions. Profound energy with a quest. They have chances of really pulling it off. We do. Entering the world of expectations with no fear. Modern purview of socializing always told me that social platforms, blogs were for people to stage their views & inspire. The words that reached where they couldn't earlier & changed lives on an unimaginable retrospect of times. Nobody predicted that socializing meant flaunting & would make ‘All that glitters is not gold', meaningfully revolutionary again. But it did happen. Terrible ideas & insights turned alive. It wasn't consummating the ideals but did become a prodigy of a viral craze that got served. Definitely the posts are created out of a cry for massive heed but when it's put out there the motto is confisticated by umpteen views. The grade, the standard was lost long ago albeit the spectator has no choice but to be more alike.
Change & creation would be the missle, a powerful weapon for turning it around. That flint & passion will be the obsession. The connect of skeptical sparks that runs down to a fire for clarity. Wishful thinking will be left to writers & poets while pragmatism will lead the menace. The menace of corruption and dishonesty. The new plots, points, magnified research of originality & source of oneself, rising. Powerful enough to survive with volatility, golden engrave after allusion that struggled, of struggle, will see the ones convinced forgers.

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