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Effective learning rather then mindless memorization
FAILURES, DEPRESSION, FEAR are the consequences of mindless memorization or in simple words we say 'rattafication'.It could be effective but only for limited periods.
The truth is when we are trying to memorize something ,we are not doing it from heart and end up on messing up everything.
Although by just a movie '3 idiot' aamir Khan was capable of changing the mentality but he could not be able to change the system. Today also student do not want to discover,explore. Their only focus is to achieve marks.
let say they have achieved marks ,even they have university position and even selected for job.
But at the main stage where we should put our knowledge and use our years of studies.They lack behind because they still needs some book,or everything encrypt so that they could only copy. What if they got weak at that point ,it is easy to pick up when we are learning (not a big deal) ,if the person realize it when he is shaping his life .Life will become far more difficult ,at some point or other in life we have to explore otherwise we could never achieve success in life.we should believe in exploring,learning rather then rattafication.
Successfull are those who have confident in themselves and ability to shape the world with their own brain and the thoughts roaming in there.
This is the only key to success

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