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GRADES - cannot decide our future
Life is so short and it’s unfair and unrealistic to judge someone by their grades. Grades don’t measure our potential, they are just the proof of what we study or didn’t. An exam creates division and makes a student stress about all sorts of things.

As Dumbledore said in Harry Potter –“It is our choices that show us what we truly are far more than our abilities.” Grades may help you in the short run but in the long run, they are useless and just a waste paper.

The most upsetting thing now a day is- How now many students are committing suicides when they get the deserved marks or less. They are so scared of their families and society that they just want to die.

In the real world, the experience is all asking for. They want to know what are you capable of, they want - the presence of mind, spontaneity, smartness, wit, empathetic person. These qualities cannot be learned from passing or getting good grades. These are byproducts which are needed along with getting good grades. But, nowadays, it’s all dependent on you, oh much hard working and dedicated you are.

Whatever type of person you are whether studious or not, we all get to see the days where we feel WE ARE UP TO NO GOOD. Everyone goes to ups and downs. If you think just by scoring good grades you will be able to achieve everything then you my friend is mistaken.

EXAMS cannot test the abilities or knowledge you possess. They are just about what we know regarding the certain book. So, it’s not the end, if you get bad grades. It means life has planned something way awesome for you, something you will appreciate and enjoy.

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