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The Robot is the most effective technology in industrial applications where it is specially designed to be used in manufacturing industries for pick and place functions. This will reduce the human efforts in industrial operations in lifting the objects. The robotic movements and its functionality can be controlled by the Desktop application.
This is the Web application and we are using HTML, CSS, PHP etc languages for creating web application WI-FI module will be connected to the robotic system for communicating between the web application and robot. The microcontroller used in it receives the commands from the desktop application through WI-FI connected to it and controls the DC and servo motors connected to the robotic arm. The input to the robot will be give through keys and there will be grab and release button. For picking the object we will use grab button and for making it free we will use release button .The Servo motor we are using in arms is for deflection and for the various angle movement of robotic arm. The mobile camera we are using to detect where the object is and detect the location, we can implement any different camera for monitoring.
Training home robots to behave like human can help people with their daily chores and repetitive tasks. In this paper, we present a system to remotely control robotic arms by user motion using low-cost, off-the-shelf Laptop Devices and webcam. New research is going towards laptop and robotics concerns that laptop control robots and concerns in the communication technology that connect Laptop with robots. This paper describes how to control a robot using Laptop through Wi-Fi communication, some features about Wi-Fi technology, components of the mobile and robot, how user can control the robot whether that user controlled robot directly or create path for robot are also represented.

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