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Installation, Configuration and Administration of Windows server Configuring and Managing Ruckus Zone Director and Zone Flex Wi-Fi Implementation Hands on configuration of Active Directory, Site Replication DFS Installation, Maintenance and Configuration of Asterisk Servers and Hosted PBX features, and other VoIP Switch Hardware. E.g. Cisco Switches, Firewalls, Routers. integration issues and resolved them. Maintenence of Network Servers. Installation, Configuration, maintenance troubleshooting of ML 1xx, 3xx, 5xx, 7xx servers. Installation, Configuration, maintenance troubleshooting of DL 1xx, 3xx, 5xx, 7xx servers. Updating firmware ProLiant support pack. Hands-on configuration troubleshooting of LAN, WAN. Hands-on installation, troubleshooting configuration of Linux server, Managing users groups. File system Management Disk Quota Management, Swap partition, software Raid and Logical Volume Manager. Configuring and Administration of Domain Name server, Network File System and FTP. Knowledge to Configuring and Administrating Created User Accountrsquos Grouprsquos. Working on Red Hat Enterprises Linux 5.1,5.4 5.5,6.0 Solaris 10 Managing Cisco Router 1900, 2600, 2800 Series and Cisco Switches 2600, 3500, 2900 Series Good knowledge in Cisco Switches and Router configuration. Configuring and managing Server services DHCP, DNS, ADDS, IIS, FTP, ADRMS. Managing and troubleshooting Windows server 2003, 2008, 2012 Managing and working on SharePoint Sites and SharePoint services. Create Manage User Management, Disk Management, Printer Management, Disk Quota, Logical Volume Manager LVM, Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks RAID, Access Control List ACL Manage Configuration of servers FTP Server, NFS Server, NIS Server, Yum Server, Send mail Server HP ProLiant ML 350 G5,G6 HP Blade Servers HP ProLiant DL 320 G5, G6 G7 Implementing H/W and S/W RAID on Servers. Troubleshooting and maintenance of Servers. Online Technical Support to Customers. Installation and configuration of client server products. Adding patches and packages and maintaining file systems. Extensive experience with VoIP and telecom equipment, standards and technologies. Installation and configuration of LAN in Windows Linux. Hands-on installation, troubleshooting configuration of Windows 2008/2003/2000 server, Bug check blue dump analysis, Managing users groups. Managing Security and Surveillance System.

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