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Job Responsibilities:

? Handling and Investigating on the complaint(s) received at Investor Grievance Cell (IGC) and Client helpdesk from the clients like Unauthorized trade, Squared off position without margin requirement, Loss due to the advice of RM and Branch, Funding without permission, Delay Payment Charges, Dispute regarding Brokerage and Interest reversal, Auction Trade etc. and provide resolution to Client.
? Handling and Investigating on the complaints received from NSE, BSE, SEBI and MCX.
? Generating squared off detail, MIS report, Trade Detail, Stock In & Out detail, Client Stock Holding detail, Ledger etc as per requirement against the nature of complain.
? Preparing Investigation report for arbitration cases.
? Preparing various types of reports for Inspection and Audit/ Internal Audit purpose.
? Preparing Factsheets.
? Preparing draft in respect to reply on the complaints received from NSE, BSE, SEBI and MCX.

Additional Responsibility:

? Generating clients trade confirmation detail, Stock holding report, Fund In & Out details and Stock movement (In and Out details.
? Verifying clients Account Opening kit on sample basis.
? Generating Profit & Loss statement of clients
? Generating Squared off position details of the clients.
? Maintaining daily MIS.

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