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Some days ago I was searching for some good content on current market status of semiconductor industry. There I found something interesting about the semiconductor/VLSI companies recruitment policies, most of them are focused on the individual technical skill not on the education background. It is true in some of the cases like if you search job advertisement of some of the SMEs they usually gives preference to IIT/NITs students whereas the companies like Silab Tech , Spontey, Smart play, Cadence etc. they gives chance to work other Indian university students also. Semiconductors Therefore to get a entry level job in a semiconductor industry is not only in the favour of IIT/NITs everyone who so ever have talent to crack the problems, interest in VLSI and Semiconductor area can get a job in Semiconductor and VLSI industry. There are a number of startup companies in this domain which are providing good chances to real talent. Some of them are Masamb electronics systems, RF silicon, Silicon Mentor Pass Semiconductor, Zepto Chip, GDA technologies etc.

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