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Don’t be fooled, people aren’t who they “post” to be.
There are days when I dressed up to the nines, to get my selfie game on fleek and it would be wrong on my part if I don’t thank those innumerable editing apps and filters that helps me to have blemish free skin within seconds and airbrush make up. After spending almost 2–3 hours on editing, the perfect picture is ready to upload on social media with a caption #nomakeupday#randomselfie: D
 Surprised? I know half of my friends on facebook would unfriend me after reading this; specially the ones who haven’t met me yet and live in illusion of my false appearance.My question is why would I post a picture of myself which I think is plain-looking? I admit the fact that I fake parts of my online image in order to match up to social norms and expectations but am I the only one who is doing this?There are thousands of people who are pretending to be someone other than themselves through social media platforms.Probably because they know their life isn’t as interesting in real life, but maybe they can create something captivating online, instead.
Social media is an advertisement for the superficial extroverted self.It is a platform that gives us the opportunity to act behind the screens and let people judge based on what they see on our Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook profiles. I am guilty of stalking celebrities and people I know on social media.I even follow few celebrities on Instagram who seem like they have a perfect life. They look glamorous in every picture and have expensive taste, they are checking into magnificent places, and doing adventurous things. They hang out with amazing people and I cannot help but like everything they post . Honestly,every time I see something that they post, I feel jealous of them and start comparing my life to their life.But is that their whole lives that is shared on Facebook and Instagram?The answer is usually not.It’s just the positive moments of their life.We forget that we’re only going to see one side of the story on social media– and it’ll rarely be the negative one.It’s important that we stop comparing ourselves to people we don’t really know and remind our self that everyone has their own struggles even though we may never see them.
Perfect life is an illusion.It’s better if we start focusing on ourselves more, and strive to get better , instead of feeling that we are not good enough by comparing our self to others; who might be an ideal figure, not a true representation of themselves.It’s important to realize that social media is not real life. It’s a virtual world made of Prada bags, Steve Madden shoes, Rolex watch, avocado-on-toast and poached eggs.It would be better if we manage our energy, time and attention to achieve peak. We are all unique and special. Remind yourself often that what you see online is not a standard by which you should grade your life.Most important out of all is that you unsubscribe or turn off social media notification if you feel that it has a negative impact in your life or it is dragging you down. Even if it looks entertaining right now. 
Social media is a useful tool but it needs to be used wisely.
“I think social media is an interesting beast?—?you can’t get too caught up in it. People can get caught up in it sometimes, but I think it’s important to live in the present and not on the computer screen”.-Jillian Rose Banks

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