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Youth Gone Wrong
Youth is that time of life when one is young, free, trying to make a mark and lives up on hope.It is a phase somewhere in between childhood and adulthood.It is the most wonderful yet confusing period in one’s life. Youth of a country is considered as the biggest asset for any country. They are the innovators, creators, builders and leaders of the future. If we can harness the youth of the nation in the right direction then the country can reach untold heights.During this phase young people try a lot of new things and push boundaries, irrespective of their adverse outcomes.Whether it’s about experimenting and risk taking with different types of employment, drugs,smoking cigarettes and turning towards alcohol or driving too fast on the road to impress their peers and curiosity about sexuality .
The present scenario of the world is quite alarming 
because of the increase of substance abuse among the youngsters . The age where one should be high on passion and spirit to do something constructive ;unfortunately they are into substance abuse and addiction. People struggling with it experience profound behavioral changes including irritability, difficulty in following a set schedule, or unable to react appropriately to stressful situations. They may become irregular to office or get in arguments with their bosses. This often leads to getting fired, loss of positive feedback from the employer and difficulty in finding a new job. Certain recreational drug uses have a high risk of sudden death. Beyond that, using substance abuse contributes to the erosion of your physical health, which can become irreparable and also result in premature death. According to the statistics, thousands of young people die or suffer from physical or mental disability every year due to drunk-driving and drugs taking.Substance abuse is a major factor that directly or indirectly contributes to the cause of high percentage road accident.High-risk sexual behavior under the influence of alcohol and drugs puts people at risk for sexually transmitted infections ,unplanned pregnancy .They remain in an illusion that they are in a stage where one is truly mature and thus can handle anything. Sadly, one bad incident can quickly shatter it and remind them just how wrong they are.
You don’t have to look hard to find someone whose life has been ruined because of substance abuse . Many people have made the decision to use drugs,alcohol and regretted it, but that doesn’t have to be you. Exercise, eating well and meditation are excellent ways to avoid using drugs or alcohol. Healthier lifestyle can help you resist the temptation to use drugs or alcohol . If you have peer pressure to use alcohol or drugs, avoid them. It’s time for you to make new friends who practice healthier habits.Develop goals and dreams for yourself and try achieving them. Direct your energy in constructive channels that lead to development and progress so that you can handle this challenging phase of life and can turn out to be a better human being.Be the best you can be, do what you love and positively impact as many people as possible.

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