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All right, so I just joined Youth4Work last month and this blog is a new entry for the "Internship for Skill Enhancement" programme which I saw on this site.
I made my first entry and I found out later that I need to redo it and thought that this would be a late entry since the last date has already passed so I decided not to write, on receiving several emails from youth4work about their concern for my blog post it made me to rethink and thus I am writing this entry.

I'm a 5th Semester student and next semester I'll be busy with Project in the next semester as it will be my only paper left so I though why not write a blog an see where will it lead me.

I'm going to talk about yTest on youth4Work, I have taken a few tests and according to me the tests and results were very impressive I could actually see my Skills on a particular subject/talent and doing more tests on a particular talent test really helped me gain more knowledge about the subject.

The ranking of students/users based on the test result is a really great feature and it shows my ranking level right from city wise level to the ranking compared with other users in the entire country.

My personal experience in taking the test went very smooth most of the tests had questions that are from the particular subject/domain and up to now I have not found any question the is irrelevant except for some questions that where being asked on “Bootstrap” talent test, some of the questions which weren’t part of the topic were being asked, since “bootstrap” has more than one meaning in the field of Computer Science, one being “Bootstrap” the framework for website design and development, which should be subject domain for the talent test but I have seen questions from other topics of Computer Science being asked here which really doesn’t have any relation with the bootstrap as a framework for web design, I hope they could get those questions fixed and maybe I’ll take another test later…

As of now I am definitely having a good experience with youth4work and my friends are also joining it and taking their tests and we are all definitely benefiting from the tests and we all hope that we could use it as a platform for students to really showcase their talent and work and get more benefits like finding internship and job placement from Companies from within the North East region because as of now there are very few companies from North East India who have joined Youth4Work and none from our city, we are hoping that sooner or later they too could join and discover us all…

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