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The environmental issues are gaining an increasing interest worldwide. The world’s population is much more aware of the importance of sustainability and the need for a proper conduct to protect the environment .The evaluation of thermal properties of new materials is quite important. For several of their engineering applications in microscopic or macroscopic structures for instance, we need to know how they are able to dissipate heat. This is because natural fiber composites have low weight, density, and cost. They have low zero toxin rating easy to reuse and dispose with significant health benefits. This work investigates the thermal insulation properties of agricultural waste made into composites. The same is true for those systems suitable for the recover or storage of energy. Besides this necessity of measuring the thermal properties of new component materials, the study and development of relevant experimental methods is quite important for researchers and students of engineering too. Here then, we propose a method that allows the students to have an experimental approach to the problem of thermal transport
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