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Photography, Product/Lifestyle/Food/Textile etc
This side Drupad Sharma, I am Commerce graduate from Assam, India. I started doing Photography from 2010 as my hobby/passion, as time passed my passion becomes my Profession. If you need amazing High Quality and professional photos of your product/services- you are in the right place.
I will shoot Product/Lifestyle photography, concept photography or any other photography as required. I will help you to take your photos to the next level and ensuring that they look professional.
Here is what I will provide (According to your package/budget):
1. Product/Lifestyle Photography,
2. Concept/ Food photography,
3. Any other photography.
4. Photos will be provided in JPEG, PDF, RAW, PSD, PNG, or any other format.
5. High Qualitiy Images.
6. White background.
7. Remove old background.
8. Infographics.
9. Shadow creation and Reflections.
10. Cropping/Compressing/Resizing.
11. Retouching.
12. Revisions.
13. High Resolution.
14. Indoor/Outdoor/Model/Live subjects Shoots.
15. Upto 1 to 6 Photos per product according to the budget/package with Mix

If you are looking for a professional Expert, yes, you are in right place. I will do your all works professionally with 100% accuracy and 100% Quality service.
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