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The Formula SAE FSAE Collegiate Design Competition is an annual competition held by the Society of Automotive Engineers SAE, which asks university students to design, build, and race an open wheel style racecar. Rules for the competition are compiled by SAE and dictate the overall style, performance limitations, and safety requirements of every FSAE racecar. The main aim for this project is to present before you the conceptual design that our team has developed over the last few months with very strict compliance to the 2011 FORMULA SAE rules book. The report focuses on the important design parameters and the quantitative predictions of different dimensions and mechanical parameters using the given information and relevant approximations. The main focus of the team was to design the race car around the driver instead of designing the car and make the driver adjust accordingly. The team had given enough focus to the visual appeal and design ergonomics apart from making a good racing machine. We utilized the softwares SOLIDWORKS PREMIUM 2011 LOTUS SHARK SUSPENSION ANALYSIS v4.02 of computer-aided design in order to design chassis and suspension. Based on a design part and a frame, we analyzed stress distribution of each part.

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