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Presentation Skills, Hard Working, Photography
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Abhijit V Pawaskar
My paintings are representational record of my thoughts, an expressions of my observations towards Life. My goal is to express the beauty of feelings that I feel through my intuitiveness, and create a record of my impressions for others and myself to feel and enjoy. My artworks qualities are the variety of visual treatment also the variety of subjects apart from that my method varies as per subject requirement. Also its strongly attached with my philosophical exploration and virtual play made by reading. My current work is based on my current affairs and inspirations from my experiences. I am also exploring digital medium, most of my digital works based on the way how I feel the political issues and current situation. I am also aware about the changes in art field to update myself by observing how so many international and national artists express them in various ways with their subjects. They open the new ways of medium and subjects to become an artist by myself.
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