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Every student has this story…..
When, we all were less than 5 years kid. Our life was so easy. We had nothing to do. Our parents were responsible for all our work. We just have to say to them that we need this and this. Before reminding them again, that thing was available for us. When, we took admission in schools. Our struggle began. As, we entered in schools, lots of homework were given to us. When, we came back to our home, we had to complete that homework. Some part, we did and some part, our parents. In schools, we enjoyed a lot. We made many friends. Some friends remain friends for whole life and some donrsquot. In schools, we study and do some extracurricular activities also like sports event, many competitions etc. We learn many new things those are not learnt at home. Yes I agree, home is the place where child learn his/her first learning, but all learning are not possible at home. Some children learn in schools and some in the company of friends. So, everything is required in life. We should enjoy each and every moment in our life. With enjoyment, we should utilize the time also. As, it is rightly said, ldquoTime and Tide waits for nonerdquo. The time which passes, will not come back. So, we should make utilization of every moment so that we donrsquot have any regret in future. In school, with enjoyment, we should decide our goals and objectives of our life also. What we want to be in future. We should decide our career according to our interest, not in the pressure of anyone. Yoursquoll work with full interest, only if you have chosen your career according to you. The potter designs the pot out of clay. Once it is designed, it will not be changed. So, potter decides first what shape he wants to give it. According to that, he starts working and designs the pot. Our life also goes in the similar way. Choose your objective and work hard to achieve that. In school, decide what you want to be, choose course medical/engineering/others according to that and be successful in life. If we do this, at a stage of our life, wersquoll realize that life is not as difficult as we think.

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