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Impressive Speech given by Mr. Narendra Modi at SRCC…..
Mr. Narendra Modi has finally become the longest serving chief minister in the history of Gujrat. Whatever he has done for the development of Gujrat could not be expressed in words. His work is really praise worthy. Recently, he has given a speech in Delhi at Shri Ram College of CommerceSRCC. His speech was so energetic and impressive that all students were listening his speech with full of interest. In fact, mostly Indians were also watching that speech deliverance on news channel. Big thanks to media which has made easy the reach of information to every corner of the world. This is all about technology. Mr. Modi addressed to the technology also in his speech. He said that today, we all have become the mouse charmer. Sitting in front of computer with just a single click on mouse, we operate the whole world. At a time, when computers were not in our lives, few people had said on technology when wersquoll become computer habitual, unemployment will increase in our country. According to my opinion, somewhere this is right. But, at a point this statement is wrong. Technology not only reduces our efforts but it saves our time also. Time is most valuable thing in our lives that we all have realized in our busy and hectic schedule. Mr. Modi stated that different people have different perceptions but it depends on our thought how we take that particular thing. People think that no improvement can be done in India. This is completely impossible. Who are we to judge all these things What steps we have taken to improve the condition of India. So, we are judging. Yes, I accept at some steps wersquoll face disappointment but not at all steps. One day wersquoll be succeeded. Mr. Modi had given a very good example taking a glass in his hand half filled with water. He said, if I ask someone to say something about this glass. One person will say that it is a glass half filled with water and other will say that it is half empty glass. Butrsquo Irsquoll say that it is a full glass, half filled with water and half filled with air. He said that in India, the ratio of youth is very large in comparison of other country. If, youngsters want to do something for the country, only then India will be a developed country and wersquoll be in a position to bring about lasting change and progress. He said that today politics has become vote bank politics. Until it will be changed in development politics from vote bank politics, India will not be in the path of development and growth. Really, it was a heart touching and impressive speech, given by Mr. Modi. http//

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