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Career in Science Pharmacology
If yoursquore studying Life Sciences, or already have your degree, there are countless options to consider. Having any science degree is a major achievement, and itrsquos important you take your time when deciding which route to take next. Here we look very broadly at some careers profiles, particularly within the field of Pharmacology, that might help you make a decision. Drug Safety This is a very interesting path to take within the pharmaceutical industry. It is known as Pharmacovigilance, or PV, and involves taking part in the lsquodetection, assessment, understanding and prevention of possible negative side effects of a medicine on patientsrsquo. You would be collating large amounts of data concerning a drug, and the rate of adverse side effects reported by doctors. Looking for ADRs Adverse Drug Reaction is absorbing detective work, as some reactions may occur either early in the life of a prescribed drug, or later on, whilst it has been on the market for some time. Every single incidence of ADR must be collected, monitored and reported to the countryrsquos government body. You will be playing a major role in patient safety. Industrial Pharmacy Are you interested in developing new drugs, and ensuring their effectiveness and quality Would you like to feel you are part of a profession that brings great benefits to people all over the world Then you might like to consider a career in Industrial Pharmacy. Your work could contribute to a new medicine that saves thousands. As a scientist, you will have the excitement of working with state of the art technology and equipment. You can have a research and development role within Industrial Pharmacy or you can opt for a different path. You can become what is known as a QP, or Qualified Person. QPrsquos are responsible for ensuring that all the right chemicals, in exactly the right quantities are put into the drugs manufactured by a pharmaceutical company. Itrsquos a highly responsible job and can be more of a managerial than hands on. This is a particularly useful website to help you get a feel for what the industry is about. Medical Writer There are not many openings for medical writers, but you should consider all options when deciding on a career path. Perhaps being a Medical Writer appeals to you if you are someone who enjoys writing and researching. Perhaps this was your preferred activity when you were studying. As a Medical Writer, you would have to produce writing that is highly professional and accurate you may have to read many scientific papers and accurately synthesize them for others. Your role could be to listen to clinical, scientific and regulatory professionals, and write papers for presentation by them to other professionals. It is a big responsibility, and a lot of pressure The reports you write might be for use by a regulatory body, or papers for a scientific journal. It could be a report for policy makers within government to base their decisions on. You must act as a scientific journalist, editing manuscripts, applying ruthless attention to detail, and maybe managing a larger group of writers in time. Hospital Pharmacist There are many roles for a pharmacist, but many particularly enjoy hospital pharmacy. If you are a lsquopeople personrsquo and would enjoy working as part of a medical team caring for patients, this might be a good option for you. You may become very involved in patient care, having to accompany doctors on their rounds. You might be asked to discuss which medications a patient is taking, and work with the doctor to make adjustments if needed. You may need to help explain to patients how their drugs work. So for those with a wish to work closely with patients during treatment, this could be a great choice. There are other roles within hospital pharmacy, such as dispensing medicines, manufacturing sterile medicines, and purchasing medications for the hospitalrsquos pharmacy supply. You could take on a management role in time. Some hospital pharmacists choose to specialize in one particular aspect of medicine, if it takes their imagination. You could specialize in hematology, pediatrics, infectious diseases, urology, cardiology or respiratory medicine. All of these roles are extremely rewarding, making Hospital Pharmacy one of the most sought after roles. Whichever role you choose to take with your life sciences degree , you will eventually find something to suit you, whether you think you39re more academically focussed or would enjoy working closely with people in the Pharmocology field. These are just four of many, many jobs within the life sciences that might appeal to you, or just motivate you to work even harder with your degree studies. Spend plenty of time researching jobs in other areas of the bio sciences to find out what it is you really want to do. There are some great resources available online to help you. It is always useful to read about the experiences of others - those who have made their decision about a career, and can tell you what it39s really like to work in that field. Look out for 39career focus39 articles in magazines and newspapers to help you gain an insight into what it is really like to work in the field you are interested in.

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