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Google's Android Q may not have one of the most-demanded features
Google is just few weeks away from officially detailing Android’s upcoming next major version - Android Q.
The OS version is expected to come with a bunch of features including Dark Mode. However, one of the most-requested features might still not be there – scrolling screenshots. Of course, this feature is there in smartphones from Samsung, Xiaomi and others and is baked inside the UI but it's still not supported natively by Android yet.
Screenshots is definitely an important feature but according to Google it's infeasible’. As mentioned by Android Police, a user requested this feature from Google back in May last year and January this year. However, earlier this month one of the executives on Google’s public issue tracker marked the request with “Status: Won't Fix (Infeasible)”.
This should come as not-so-good news for Pixel users in particular as they still won’t be able to take scrollable screenshots despite all others having this feature. It is not for sure what is pulling back Google from including this feature in Android Q.
But then Android Q is expected to be more feature-rich than before. In addition to all things Dark Mode, the new OS version could revamp the privacy of the user by more granular permissions for apps. It may also have chat bubbles on the screen, not only for native apps like Hangouts and Messages but for third-party apps as well. What has been already confirmed is that there will be support for foldable screens.
Some others include quick file sharing option, new battery indicator, new colour themes for the UI, camera support in third-party apps get better, support for new audio and video formats, new desktop mode and app alert options. Google is expected to release its Android Q Beta 3 in May this year. More details will be known during Google IO 2019 conference.

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