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Hathai a place which is not on any particular location but it is everywhere in Jodhpur ... this is place where people sit together and talk ..every evening I see many old people sit together and talk about their daily routine ... the best part of it is that by this people came close ..by this Jodhpur inside city inside the jalori gate is the safest place as all age of people sit and talk out their house for long hours many people sit up to 3 or 4 am ... hathai is place which is done by all the people and one of the favorite work ... women's and girls too take part in it ...only bad thing about it is many people sit together and judge other ... but best part is tea with hathai ... many cup of teas get empty and every hour a cup of tea with gossip ..masti fun and all the thing people forget their stress ...
One of best thing of Jodhpur which can seen in every street ... every house ..every area of jodhpur ...
Yeh jodhpur hai meri jaan .....

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