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Indian women cricket - Beginning of new era of sports for girls
And the new revolution was started on that day ..many still think women's can't play cricket where as many start supporting it ..somewhere someone father too accepted that they said their daughter to leave cricket ...
With whole heart when all the Indians where watching women's cricket that was one of the big change occurred in our country ..today many girls are coming to cricket may they have their reasons ..Mitali raj is a big inspiration to all the girls here ..and whole Indian women cricket made us proude ...Harmanpreet kaur made 171 not out against Australia is one of the big record in Indian cricket history ... Our wicket keeper ..our bowlers gave their best to make to the finals ..that was just hard luck that we can't win finals but that was day when all Indains were having tear in their eyes first time in history for women's game ...All the team members made us proud ... All the members won the heart of whole country.
Girls are not less than boys in any field ...
New revolution was began from 23july2017 ..a date marked in history with golden words ..??

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