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Put On A Pair Of Carrera Sunglasses And Kick Start All The Summer Fun
The gloomy winters have ended. Summer is here. The sun is going to shine on me and bathe me in its warm glow. And Irsquom not going to miss a single opportunity to soak it all up. Irsquove already made a schedule for all the summer weekends. All the activities involve sun and then a lot more sun. Irsquom going to spend Saturday mornings going to the botanical garden in the city. The warm sunrays caressing my skin and the greenery soothing my eyes - oh such an alluring combination. I canrsquot wait for Saturday to arrive. And thatrsquos not only lsquocause of the time I get to spend in the garden, but itrsquos also lsquocause I want to get done with Saturdayrsquos activities and gear up for Sundayrsquos fun. Irsquom all the more excited about Sunday because I plan to watch the sunrise, do Surya Namaskar , and then play a game of beach volleyball with friends. I am tempted to make further plans but before that I have to do some summer shopping a few pairs of shorts, some cool tees, a few colourful hats and one or two pairs of Carrera sunglasses. Summer is solely meant for my enjoyment. I cannot let anything come in the way of that. Thatrsquos why those hats and sunglasses. Yes, I do love the warmth of the sun rays but too much of anything is bad. What if Irsquom enjoying my game of beach volleyball and the sunrsquos glare makes me miss my shot No, that canrsquot happen. I have to buy those Carrera oval sunglasses as soon as possible. I do want to catch some tan but I canrsquot afford to harm my eyes. So I decide to buy them the moment I get some free time at work. The next day at work, I find out that my manager is on leave. Irsquom overjoyed. I know I shouldnrsquot be, but I canrsquot help it. Irsquom just so eager to buy those Carrera sunglasses. Itrsquos as if those babies are calling out to me. Every time I look at someone wearing a pair, I feel the urge to buy them. And now that my boss is not around, I can buy them today itself. I fight my urge to buy some random pair and decide to do some research first. I try find out what type of oval sunglasses will suit my face. I read about aviators, wayfarers, oversized, and rectangular sunglasses. I decide to buy wayfarers because I have an oval-shaped face. The lenses will be black, but Irsquoll choose a funky frame. I quickly finish reading and then go to an online store to buy Carrera sunglasses online . The huge collection on the catalogue enthralls me. I use the filters to narrow down all the wayfarers with black lenses. I look at the pictures, read the product descriptions of all the Carrera oval sunglasses and finally choose one with a black and yellow frame. I add it to my shopping bag and place the order. I eagerly wait for it to be delivered so that I can follow my schedule and enjoy the Summer to the fullest.

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