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Summer is fast approaching and it’s time to re-furnish your wardrobe with the season’s best colours as well as accessories. As you and anyone would know it, the ultimate summer look is never complete without a pair of sunglasses. Apart from giving you the obvious oomph factor, these shades protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, bright sunlight and glare. So whether you are sporting one while walking on the beach side or while driving or hanging out by the poolside, it’s important that you choose a pair of shades that fit your face. Now, the most versatile pair of sunglasses are the aviators. This pair fits almost all types of faces. And if you are planning on buying one, then the brand to look for is Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban aviators are the original ones.

Why Ray-Ban?
Ray-Ban sunglasses are funky and keep up with the latest fashion trends. Abiding by their famous tagline “Never Hide”, this brand of sunglasses are for everyone. Known for its two iconic styles, the aviators and wayfarers, these sunglasses have been donned by famous actors to musicians.

Ray-Ban aviators are the widely popular model. They are known for their distinctive large, teardrop shaped lenses and metal frame. These aviator lenses are either polarized, transition or mirrored. Now, a polarized lenses can block the UV rays, while the transition lenses automatically adjust to the amount of light present. Ray-Ban sunglasses also come with a mirrored finish in which the lenses have a flash coating on the outside, reducing the amount of light reaching the eye.

Sporting a Pair of Ray-Ban Aviators
When it comes to sporting a pair of aviators, remember this - You want to look like the evergreen James Dean or Tom Cruise’s Maverick look, and not look like a Halloween costume. Also, do not wear them indoors. You do not want to end up looking like a blind hippie. That being said, since aviators can be paired with almost anything, you can create a unique look for yourself. Pair it with a jeans and tee combo or the leather jacket, gingham shirt and jeans combo. The choice is yours and the choices are infinite.

Buy Ray-Ban Sunglasses Online
Buying Ray-Ban sunglasses online is now easy, thanks to the wide range of sunglasses available online. With online shopping you can enjoy safe and secure payment options as well as the convenience of having the product delivered right to your doorstep.

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