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You have got your funky pair of gym shoes, sophisticated work loafers and fancy lace-ups, but spending an entire day at a flea market or a weekend inside the woods sounds like a lot of torture for your feet. So to protect your feet and to make you look macho, Woodland brings casual shoes for all those in-between days.

Best for the Bar
Take your lady to her favourite pub for those fun ladies’ night and look dashing with a pair of Woodland loafers. While trekking through any bar during happy hours or ladies night, you are sure to encounter floors covered with layers of sticky booze, food and other stuff. So you need a pair of comfortable, sharp dark-colored loafers. Dance away to glory with your lady love without complaining about hurting your feet with a classy pair of Woodland loafers. A good, comfortable and stylish pair from Woodland offers casual, yet bank-friendly loafers.

Dinner Date
Keep away those stuffy business oxfords after work hours and sport a pair of burgundy lace-up shoes from Woodland for that posh restaurant. Dinners are always fun - the food, the music, the romantic setting and all the beautiful people. So look nothing less than stunning by sporting a pair of Woodland lace-up shoes. When teamed with a pair of brown corduroy pants and a classy white dress shirt, burgundy lace-ups from Woodland’s causal shoes are all you need.

Casual for Casual
A staple in every man’s wardrobe, a pair of slip-on shoes are something you cannot go wrong with. And that too when it’s from Woodland. So bring home a pair or two slip-on shoes from Woodland and look like a rockstar wherever you go.

A Walk to Remember
There is something special about a walk on a rainy day. So take you pretty lady out for a walk and look as charming as ever with your funky pair of three-fourths, a casual round neck t-shirt and a pair of rain boots from Woodland. With this pair of rain boots, there’s no need to blame the weather for ruining your shoes and your feet.

Best for Lounging
If you are a morning person and love taking your dog for a morning walk, then a pair of Woodland moccasins are for you. Durable, comfortable and funky, this pair of shoes from Woodland will never let your down.

Best for Versatility
A versatile pair for a versatile you! A pair of Woodland shoes like dress shoes or boat shoes is all you will need for both, casual and formal occasions.

So make sure you look stunning with Woodland shoes. Buy a pair or two of Woodland casual shoes online.

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