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What Denzil needed was some quiet time by himself, so that he could think of the whole incident that happened that afternoon. He had never seen his girlfriend react the way she did today. She had always been someone in control of everything around her and in fact, even him. Tania never seemed to mind taking charge of little things that Denzil was too lazy to be taking care of, which was why watching her storm away after the entire scene in their bedroom had taken him by surprise. Worse, he even felt bad now, recollecting the entire scene in his mind again. He wondered how he could make it up to her. He had swept and mopped the floors and kept the entire house clean and tidy. He then thought of a gift to make it up to her. He had never really gifted her any jewellery till now. Precious jewellery like gold and diamonds were way above his budget - maybe he could get her a silver ring? Tania didn’t have much jewellery with her. A silver ring was something she could wear with Western as well as ethnic outfits. He picked the laptop from the table next to him, opened it and began browsing through silver rings online.

The range of love knots, hearts and other chunky as well as small rings in ruby, diamond and sapphire made browsing through silver rings online so much fun that Denzil was surprised to know that an hour had passed since he began his search. He finally chose a silver ring with a large red heart in the center along with a silver pendant designed like a heart. Now, all he had to do was wait for a few days before he would surprise her with a new silver ring.

Focusing on her work had been that day. Tania knew she had to make a decision. Her relationship with Denzil was tense. And what happened last week had brought her to the brink of her patience. Denzil had acted like a childish, spoilt brat, never taking charge of anything. It was always she who had to play the mother hen. The icing on the cake was not admitting the mistake that he made. “Perhaps it was time to move on,” she thought as she placed her bag on the kitchen counter, walking to the fridge for a glass of cold water. It was there that she found a small jewellery box lying on the dining table near the refrigerator.

“People make mistakes - things go wrong, I have been a bad person in the past few days, maybe all the days of our time together. But I hope you take this as an apology that I owe and a promise from my side that my socks are not going to be anywhere apart from my feet or the laundry basket and the same with my other clothes. Flying for a business trip for the week. Miss you.” it read. Tania opened the jewellery box next to her. Inside was a lovely silver ring with a large red heart in the centre. She smiled as she slipped the silver ring on her fourth finger.

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