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Relevance of Social Media in Politics
Fayaz Najar Relevance of social Media in Politics Social media is a new communication tool which is changing the trend of information flow from traditional means of communication to next generation Internet aided ones. Decades before people were using Radio, Television, and print medium of communication to exchange the ideas, and receive the information. Blogrsquos, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites are gaining popularity day in and day out. People around the globe are expressing ideas which are linked to the state politics in one way or the other. Youth population is showing more interest in politics on social networking sites this can be predicted from the spring revolution in Arab world. Where regimes collapsed as people expressed dissent on social networking sites. People are crediting social networking sites for Barrack Obamarsquos first term as US president. It is popularity of social networking sites that Obama reached out to a huge population. A survey shows 90 percent of Facebook users in USA Shared, liked or commented on posts which were posted during the election campaign of Barrack Obama. Political sphere around the world is aware of the fact that youth population is aided with internet and is actively sharing their ideas. People expressing views on different issues related to the State politics are helping political parties to shape discourse. Recent conclave of Indian National Congress at Jaipur is helping us to understand the relevance of social media in politics. Conclave was aimed to think on the changing trends in politics. Congress man stressed upon the youth participation and use of social media to reach out generation next. People are using social media forumsrsquo to bring a change in system, which they feel needs public participation to carry out the change. Online Petitions and Protests are new emerging trends. People are creating events on social networking sites to make others aware of the situation prevailing around them. Social networking sites reach 82 of the worldrsquos online population, representing 1.2 billion users around the world so there is no doubt social networking sites are changing the face of current political situation in the world, and having a great role in political activities happening world over.

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