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Discuss marketing communication and technology. Advertising and marketing is closely connected to onersquos emotions. Todayrsquos devices are the mirror to lives people are living. Such expression of emotions and life has opened new ways for us marketers to reach out to customers in innovative way. Those are near precise, less time consuming and with maximum revenues covering larger geographical area and customer segments. 1 The world is getting closer, Distances between two entities is reducing, Ways of Communication are getting simpler, A person has got many touch points where he can be contacted, Devises Technology are doing more than what they were designed to do few years back. Hence targeting one locus point of all this is primary intention of a marketer to innovate. 2 Marketers need to measure results you canrsquot improve what you canrsquot measure. Giving definite numbers of awareness created and effectiveness of the advertisement achieved. Giving an idea about key to marketing campaigns a level of interaction, b Recall of advertisementrsquos content, c Richness of format, Hence doing marketing from mobile should be very creative, accurate and customised according to location and customer segment. 3 Future lies in Real time updates/ offers Customer profiling / categorization/ providing offers customized to history of responses towards previous marketing conversation. Developing markets of Smartphonersquos and ecosystem of digital marketing cell phone, social media, TV etc GPS enabled advertisements, containing information about availability of products in near vicinity and offers/promotions regarding the same. 4 To expand customer base businesses will have to be assessable 247. Information about a product, its availability, its functions, its descriptions, price should be available at tips of fingers. Making buyer easier to make decision to buy the product at the same moment when the need is aroused. The product can be a grocery item, a movie ticket, travel plan, apparels, gifts etc. As much simpler the buying process will become, number of customers opting for brand will increase adding up the earnings. http//youtu.be/fGaVFRzTTP4 In my view, business generation is an idea where consumers are served as per their need, keeping in mind revenue and new customer acquisition. As a marketer I always feel, consumer should be given value of every penny he is paying. In a way that a lifetime loyalty is made. Today technology plays a big part to convey this message from brand to consumer. A process of shopping has become social event, and it will be the same for coming future. Marketers will have to adopt to these changes and device a strategy which will be cohesive and allow business technology sync together and benefit consumer.

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