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It is common knowledge that it is impossible to know oneself completely. I know I have tried but all I have come up with are some basic ideas and other purely and poorly imagined concepts that I am like this, I am like that. You know the kind. So I try to remember what I think I am like according to what I like to do. So here goes. I like knowing about things. I want to know how something was done. That is probably the reason why I came into the field of media and film making. I wanted to know how films were made. I spent time my graduation in HHyderabad in a college, International Academy of Computer Graphics. Back then, I used to think I wasnt learning anything worthwhile, but now I understand how useful the college was. I learnt 2D animation, Flash animation, Color Theory, Max and Maya, VFX used in Film Making layer based on After effects and basic Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. Now I spend my time in college to learn the skills of an editor and a journalist part of my course, and out of it in watching films and seeing what I like about them. My first preferance to watch would be anime and reading manga, then movies. I like to watch them closely, noticing what type of shooting they would have done. I love VFX movies so I can try and deduce what type of animation and Visual effect they used to make a part of the movie. I cant wait to get on a team and actually

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