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My Internship Project On Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records using ABE in Cloud Computing. It can be enlightened by the following facts. Information in the cloud now a days is as vulnerable as it's security is concerned. Especially, when it comes to medical records of patients. Intruding Individuals/ groups can from certain third party hosting organizations or some self motivated individuals. Leading to an conclusion type such as extortion, privacy exposure, harassment and efficient user revocation. That is the most important challenge toward achieving fine-grained, cryptographically enforced data access control. So, we apply a method to encrypt the PHRs before outsourcing them. Additionally, the concern lies with a country like India; having such a massive crowd of over 1.2 billion. To make it easier to review their health records at any part of the country efficiently and in a paperless approach; well that's been our goal at Health Pro India.

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