Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
English Language, Painting, Communication Skills
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I believe that one, irrespective of circumstances and obstacles, can achieve what they wish to. It is because we all have got a reservoir of talent. It is inside us and becomes perceptible when we search for it, turning introspective. I have got two major passions viz. engineering and content writing. And I am persistent about innovating ideas and expanding span of knowledge in these fields.
काम का अनुभव
Civil engineering trainee
Government college of engineering Nagpur
इंटर्नशिप जून-2019 तक वर्तमान 5 महीने
  • I worked for the topic 'Quality Control' at GCOEN for 2 weeks with our responsibillities including mix design preparation in laboratory, granular subbase, concrete strenth testing, field density determination outdoors.
  • Within two weeks, I got well versed with fundamentals of quality control and achieved the certification of appreciation from GCOEN.

Campus Ambassador
पूरा समय जनवरी-2019 तक मार्च-2019 2 महीने
  • Along with making students aware of the fest, I proved my management and organizational skills by acting as a prime link between my college's tech enthusiasts and the team TECHNEX.
  • I scored 1240 points and achieved the certificate of appreciation from team TECHNEX along with improvisation in my communication skills.

Campus Ambassador
IIT Patna
इंटर्नशिप अक्तूबर-2018 तक नवम्बर-2018 1 महीना
  • I worked as a campus ambassador for annual techno-management fest Celesta 2k18 organized by IIT Patna. I carried out my responsibility of promoting the event by means of social media marketing.
  • I scored 1750 points according to the defined judgement criteria of the institute and ranked among top 3 on the leaderboard meanwhile competing with CAs from all over the India.

Campus ambassador
पूरा समय सितम्बर-2018 तक नवम्बर-2018 2 महीने
  • Being an internshala student partner, I successfully carried out my responsibility of spreading awareness about internshala at my college campus by means of activities like communicating with students on daily basis and promoting internshala on social media networks.
  • I have achieved 192 ISP points throughout the duration for which I achieved the certification by Internshala.

Work from home internship
इंटर्नशिप जून-2018 तक जुलाई-2018 1 महीना
  • I have worked as a virtual intern to persuade my passion of content writing. I was assigned various talent forums of youth4work to add content in them. My key responsibillity was to put my knowledge in words and create an unique, non-plagarised, error free content within the word limits allotted to me.
  • I have successfully carried out all responsibillites as an intern and achieved the certificate of excellence by youth4work.
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Bachelor of Engineering or Technology
Government College of Engineering NagpurRashtrasant tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University
अतिरिक्त अभ्यास
  • Reading literature

  • Quora user

  • reviewing books

  • content writing

  • composing quotes

  • listening music

  • drawing sketches

  • stories and prose

  • learning languages

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